Monday, October 21, 2013

Over A YEAR?! What a Slacker.

Well, it's that time again- to try and put blogging into my life routine. It's been one busy year. 
We have moved to Las VEGAS, NV! Kyle got a job here, and we decided to be adventurous and take it. Since then, this our life... 
Kyle stole a wheel chair to push our luggage. Why? Well, because renting a cart was $25.000- NO way i was gonna pay that. 

Our life, in suit cases. 

Our car. 

Our first apartment!

Ah, life with out furniture & dishes from thrift stores

Stacey & BRANT- They love each other, and i love that fact.

Our first visitors! We love them. 
Amber & Joseph- They live in St. George, and hanging out with them is a "good i'dea"

Our second visitors! We love them. 
Kyle, wrapped this big trailer. He's hardcore.
Kyle's first big project at work. 
Aunt Lori & Steve came to celebrate American Thanksgiving with us at grandma's house. It was a delight. Richard asked Kyle if he wore a wig.
American Thanksgiving with G-ma. 
We had some GREAT finds, and Kyle still regrets how he wishes he bought one of his favorite shirts in all 5 colors. Maybe this year?!
Black Friday Shopping. 

G-ma turns 93.
Aunt Lori came to visit us. THEN she fell in the pool, it was classic- we laughed for days about it. Every time i walk by the pool, i think about it and laugh.
Aunt Lori falls in the pool. That was the best! 
The Jensen's host an annual Ugly Sweater Christmas Party, it was a GREAT time. Kyle won the cookie's and milk eating contest- and I won the gift wrapping contest. We're a great team.
Jensen's Annual Ugly Sweater Christmas Party. 
Kyle met Jenni & Jordan for the first time. It was so fun. THey're BOTH nurses, BOY oh boy- do i love a good story from a nurse. Not as much as i love Jenni though.
Our fourth visitors! We love them. 
We ventured to Utah for Christmas, it was a great time. There are ALWAYS good times with the Templemans- good times, dysfunctional times, funny times, and ridiculous times. I love my family!
Christmas in UTah. 
Bonnie & Maurice came to Vegas for their VERY first time! It was a blast, we got to do all the touristy things. We ate, and ate, and ate- Just like the American's do.
The in-laws visit us! 
New Years on the Strip- is BY far one of the coolest things to experience.  We had an excellent time watching the Bellagio water show every 10 minutes until the count down to 2013!
2013 begins. 
Matty & Darryl surprised Kyle with a visit. It was so awesome! He was so surprised, even after almost ruining it 800 times. (Kyle ruins EVERY surprise)
Kyle's brothers visit him for his day of birth! 
Steve, Meegz, Drew- others came to visit on their way through Nevada, we loooove having people stop by; especially people we love.
More visitors. We love them! 

Easter in Utah. Festival of colors. 
Easter in UTah. 

G-ma meets Sweetheart the turtle. 

Turns out, California is only 3 hrs away- which means we can go there for a weekend just to hang out with Jenni & Jordan. We had a blast.
Wee trip to San Diego with Jenni & Jordan! 
Once upon a time, my best friend Marche` married Anthony Brown- and they had the cutest baby Amelia. I am in LOVE with her. She's seriously the cutest child, and is so well behaved.
Trip to UTah for this little ones birthday party! We looooove her. 

Britster & Shayster- back again. I love this woman! 
So, Scott got a job teaching seminary- which means he got to go to Utah for training and stuff, SO Kyle & I drove to utah to visit with Scott & Lauren for a day. We ate at FAR to many places for 1 day.
Lauren & Scott visit UTah, so another wee trip to visit with them. 

4th of July in Utah. 

These cool cats get married!! It was a blast. 
People in life have friends, I have the BEST OF FRIENDS- these people are the greatest. We have the funniest time EVERY time we're together.
If you know any of us, you know we'll be "those" friends that will always be friends forever. I love these people. 

We CELEBRATED Slab Cake day- it was a good one. 

Took a trip to Ontario this summer. 

The Regimbals

Da da da date night with this FIIIINE couple. Vickram & Mary- we LOVE them!

Candy & James get married, and we see these FRESHly impregnated friends.  Love THEM! 

Lauren & Scott VISIT us in VEGAS. so much FUN! Oh, and she's prego too. 

Beach day- with my favorite person, and my favorite hat. 

We purchased a Scooter and Side Car- Best thing EVER!

Canyoneering with good friends. 

We FOUND matching Moustache shirts. 
Kimmie, Kyle's sister had a baby- isn't he adorable? Can't wait to meet him.
Baby Griffin was born! 

Girls NIGHT. 
 Kyle and I had to fly to Canada to pack the rest of our belongings. It was an intense weekend, that went way to fast.
Trip to Toronto- to pack the rest of our life up. 

Brothers.. pulling each others teeth- to then put in their tooth fairy pillows

Our LIFE, in a pod box. 
Visiting the brother. Love him! 
Kyle trying on a T-shirt from an old girlfriend, it was a little snug- SO hilarious. 
We drove our car back to America from CANADA- and on the way we stopped in Chicago. It was awesome, MINUS the fact that the parking at our hotel was $45 DOLLARS!!! IT WAS the WORST.
Chicago Style Pizza.
The BEST breakfast in the ENTIRE world. Bongo Room!

The BEAN. 
Being back in America, doesn't mean we don't have to celebrate Canadian thanksgiving. So, we did. Who better to celebrate with, then THE Jensens.
Canadian Thanksgiving with the Jensens! 
This one is PREGO as well. 
 I'm so excited for the rest of this YEAR! and the NEW year. There are SO many things to look forward to. Like ALL the BIRTHS of babies in MARCH. Geez. August must have been a cold one... RAKAKA. :)

Also, Coryse is getting married. HUZZAH! I am over joyed and excited for her wedding in November.
PS. I still having found love for folding laundry.